Drilling Rig Site OI Advisor

June 15, 2024
Lagos, Nigeria
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15th JUNE 2024


The Drilling Rig Offshore Installation (OI) Site Advisor is responsible for supporting drilling operations regarding Safety, Security, Health, and Environment (SSHE) issues. The Advisor serves at the rig site as a contact for SSHE issues related to rig-based Drilling activities, executing initiatives and responding to requests and questions from the drill team.
• Provide company safety representation at rig site operations ensuring full communication of concerns, activities and initiatives.
• Administer site orientation/induction program.
• Monitor contractor compliance with their safety systems and procedures.
• Provide support to the Rig Supervisors in the event of an incident with regards to reporting.
• Provide safety related training for contractor work crews.
• Observe SSHE drills carried out at the site and participate in de-briefing meeting.
• Follow the safety requirement of the sites and immediately report hazardous work and non-conformances to the site lead for follow up with contractor and service partners
• Administer Company safety awareness, recognition and incentive programs on site.
• Participate in investigation and follow-up of incidents/accidents.
• Collect safety company's lessons learned and communicate with company supervisors.
• Coach and facilitate the site in execution of Company programs to comply with the site safety plan.
• Facilitate the site worker safety committees.
• Provide early warning of potential SSHE problems.
• Daily rig site inspections.
• Follow up with worksite PIC’s on close out of action items from inspections, incidents, hazard hunts, etc.
• Compile Weekly Rig Safety Report.
• PTW/ Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) and Job Safety Analysis (JSA) assessment and verifications at work sites.
• Review STOP/ Hazard Identification (HID) card reporting. Liaise with contractors on trends or critical issues identified.
• Lead by example in personal and professional behavior and competence.
• Attend weekly rig safety meetings, attend pre-job safety meetings/ JSA meetings to verify quality, thoroughness and effectiveness.
• Relentlessly, aggressively, and proactively address any safety trends and/or safety issues that poses or could pose a risk to the workface

Job Requirement

• Broad knowledge of Drilling operations/processes and safety rules and regulations
• Good organizational and strong technical judgment skills
• Demonstrated teamwork and communication skills
• Demonstrated skills to positively influence drilling workforce - employees and contractors
• Exceptional skills in MS Office suite of software programs; Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.
• Read, write, and speak fluent English, especially as it applies to technical/business communications
• Ability to work and communicate in international locales and with diverse cultures
• Prefer college level education or equivalent.
• Relevant industry experience (offshore / onshore drilling activities, for example).
• Maintains a high degree of ethical conduct.
• Ability to work in harsh environments (examples include temperature and / or humidity extremes, remote locations with limited amenities) with changing priorities.
• Willingness to travel / live away from home for extended time periods.
• Must be fit for duty for a remote offshore / onshore drilling environment (examples include uneven, unpaved walking surfaces, large structures that are accessible only via ladders or stairs). Activities include standing for extended time periods, climbing, bending, walking, reaching, and other physical demands.

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