Environmental Policy

AMAIDEN ENERGY renders all our services in accordance with global best practice in order to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. AMAIDEN Energy is unwavering to ensure that environmental benefits strengthen the array of our operations. AMAIDEN Energy will do this by application of environmental management within the framework of ISO 14001 as practicably possible through efficient operations by providing resources and expertise. In order to achieve this aim, AMAIDEN has the following key objectives:
• Shall comply fully with and keep abreast of all legal obligations connected with our operations past, present and future.
• Will ensure that new bids/projects, are managed in a way which minimize their impact on the environment.
• Shall make efficient and environmentally use of natural resources (e.g. water) and energy.
• Promote environmental values that will sustain our environment.
• Minimize waste product as far as is practicable, to re-use, or recycle where applicable.
• To minimize the impact of transport on the environment arising from its own vehicles.
• To maintain it facility in-use in an environmental sensitive way.
• To raise awareness amongst our employees on the company’s environmental activities.
This policy is binding on all management and staff of AMAIDEN Energy.

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