Below are few of the Projects managed by Amaiden Energy Nigeria Limited.


Third Party Inspection of SEWOP, MSV and Ancillary Equipment for Well Plugging and Abandonment project. Well Pugging and Abandonment Project-Third Party Inspection of SEWOP, MSV and Ancillary Equipment.
-Provision of HSE Officer attached to Drilling Team in Cotonou, Benin Republic -Krake Tank Farm HSE (Cotonou, Benin Republic).
-Krake Tank Farm HSE (Cotonou, Benin Republic)
Third Party Inspection of Storage/ Preservation for Power Transformer and Geotechnical Inspection for Pipeline Integrity.
-Inspection of Structural Materials (Z-Purlin)


Third Party Inspection (OFON PHASE 2 PROJECT, in Europe, Asia, America and Australia). - Control Valve inspection (South Africa). Third Party Inspection for Bulk Valves (OML/58 Upgrade Project / O.U.R. Pipeline).
-Third Party Inspection for Pipeline Valves-OML 58 Inspection Services (UK)
- Third Party Inspection for Bulk Valves (OML/58 Upgrade Project / O.U.R. Pipeline)- France

Inspection Services

Third Party Inspection of blind flanges (Bhatia Brother, UAE)
Third Party Inspection Services for ISO Container Tank Inspection.
-Third Party Service for Provision of 2 Year Technical Support Services for Agbami FPSO Hull ICCP System by Corrpo,
- Escravos Produced Water Disposal project.
Inspection of materials for fabrication of the steel structure for the neutralization pit rehabilitation. Provision of Shop Inspection and Expediting Services - B180138PEQ
Inspection of Different Steel Items (Bolts,& Nuts, Flanges, & Steel Plates)
Third Party Inspection for satellite field development project (Riser Clamps manufacturing at Moffat- England, UK). - Third Party Inspection for Manual Valves, SACCAP Industrial Valves (France)
- Third Party Inspection for OSO-QIT GAS Project (Italy). - TPI - for Manual Valves, SACCAP. Industrial Valves in France
Third Party Inspection for Steel Production (TPCO China)
-Third Party Inspection for pipe manufacturing SCC Nig. Ltd Abuja
 -Third party inspection services for pipe production, Gbarain Project sumitomo (Japan)

Inspection Services

Dangote Quantity Certification (AGO Receiving)
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