Amaiden Energy Nigeria Limited is a privately held company with global ambitions and consists of a well seasoned management team and advisors

Amaiden Energy is a recruitment agency, we identify, screen and propose qualified candidates to our various clients for selection. Please note that we do not request for registration fee from any candidate.

You can create an account with Amaiden Energy Nigeria Limited via any of the following options: 1. Click ‘Candidate Panel’ on Amaiden Energy Nigeria Limited 2. Register and Apply for a job.

If you just created an account with Amaiden Energy Nigeria Limited and cannot log in, this means that you have not confirmed the email that was sent to you. Please check your inbox to see if the email is available for you to confirm. If you do not see the email in your email inbox, please check your spam/bulk mail folders. Kindly contact us ( if you continue to have issues registering for an account.

Click on ‘Forgot Password’ and follow the instructions shown.

Yes, you can upload your resume, preferably in Doc format.

Click on the job title and follow the directions for applying in the selected list. If you have question about an application you have submitted, you should contact us immediately.

Your resume will be sent to the employer who will handle the hiring process. Do not worry if you do not receive immediate response. Sometimes it takes weeks or even months to sort applications. Rest assured that the employer will contact you if you are a successful candidate.

Yes. Your resume is what explains your focus, qualifications, strengths, as well as your commitment to starting or changing a career, which will help the employer make recruiting decisions.

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